SMEs and Innovation

The world is experiencing an explosion in the growth of small entrepreneurial businesses. Economic development is the primary goal of every nation on earth. With the beginning of the 21st century, the global interaction of businesses is rapidly becoming reality. Small businesses possess the competitive advantages of speed, flexibility, and sensitivity to customer needs. While large businesses attempt to survive world competitive forces through downsizing, mergers, and cutbacks, the unseen army of small business owners continues to flourish and carry the economy on its back.

Capitalism is built on risk-taking entrepreneurs. The goods and services that each of person needs are produced by men and women who are willing to risk a great deal to earn customer’s approval through their purchases. The purpose of Laurel & Tercel SME services is to excite the entrepreneurs to the challenges of entrepreneurship and to provide the tools to enhance success.

Our comprehensive services are logical in its approach to launching, managing and leading a successful small business.

Our effective small business management focuses on the tools needed to manage a small business and grow that business in a competitive world.

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