Public Sector Leadership & Strategic Planning / Consultancy

Participants: Deans of Higher Colleges & deans of Various universities and higher Colleges in Libya

Great thanks for the amazing consulting, the learning and guiding the team to develop vision, mission, values and strategic goals and initiatives for the National Board of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Libya. While the group worked together, the consultant brought discussions together, summarizing major findings.

The Director has a positive, assertive and energetic approach. Her own input is systematic and thorough, she is constantly on her feet, and delivers content at a rapid pace. Equally, she is sensitive to individual participant’s questions, listens very well, and is happy to engage in debate whenever appropriate. It is clear, members of the National Board of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Libya have the greatest respect for her experience and expertise, and she, in turn, has established an excellent rapport with the group in a relatively short time. She uses positive feedback regularly, recognizing individual member’s contributions to the entire project.

I can say, it was for Laurel & Tercel to make our mission with the Government in Libya so successful. Both the British Council in Libya and the MOHE are greatly appreciative for their intervention. The project was closed on high positive notes from all parties.

Phil, ILM Project Consultant , 26 September 2012