Government Performance Management (GPM) – Balanced Scorecard and KPIs / Consultancy

“The Consultant demonstrated expert knowledge of the subject. It was thorough & practical. The things we learned during her work with us can be applied to improve work in our performance management department.”

“She is very professional and able to deliver the information and make it strategic, she is very open for questions and ready to explain.”

“For a government entity, she brought in all government-related issues that can add value to our work. I say all government entities in UAE must invite Iman and take her advice into consideration. She is able to tailor a solution that is specific while having it broad in its nature.”

“Working with her was never boring. As a performance management, balanced scorecard and KPIs specialist, she touched the core of my work and I can apply what I learned immediately”.

General Secretariat of the Executive Council, Abu Dhabi, UAE