Subject: Strategic Change Management / Consultancy

“The project was very well designed. The implementation was extremely helpful. The content of the project material and presentations are highly professional. The Consultant, Dr. Iman is well experienced in strategic change and change management. It is a perfect intervention, we learnt a lot through our work with her and the various workshops she conducted to help us in implementing and the strategic change. She is always open to questions. Very approachable from all members of the organization. She  is very attentive to our specific needs. With her consultancy and guidance we had a very successful strategic change at all departments and divisions. She was able to handle all the resisting members by facilitating the change and their new roles.”

“A first degree, excellent Consultant, with a magnificent way of transferring knowledge and passing the information”

“One of the most interesting consultants I had worked with, she is highly capable. I thank her from my heart and wish to have more projects with her”

“The consultant paid equal attention to everyone, was all the time open to all our questions and needs. She answered all our questions without hesitation. Very approachable by all members of the company”

“She set very clear objectives and helped us achieve them, lot of new learning and ideas that are applicable to our work. A new approach to strategic change management. The theories and examples were very relevant to our work”

“The Consultant is an expert in strategic change management. She has vast knowledge of the topic”

“The Consultant’s knowledge is key to our business”

“We look forward to working with her in the future and benefit from her vast experience and knowledge in various areas of the business”

Al Ain City, Municipality