The Future of Sales & Marketing for the Travel Retail Industry

I thoroughly enjoyed the 3-day MEDFA sales & marketing training you led recently. As usual, Iman showed a perfect combination of knowledge, experience, and sense of humor! Thank you!

Agata Correia, Commercial & Business Development, Emirates Airlines

The Middle East & Africa Duty-Free​ Association (MAEDFA)

Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving / Corporate Learning Course

Once more I would like to mention here that the two-day class attended with you was marvelous, days I will never forget and shall remain to remember it throughout my life. God bless you. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I will not forget what I learned from you.

GBO – Clearing



Dubai Islamic Bank

Subject: International Business Etiquette and Protocol

“Extremely happy! The best training course ever and I can’t wait to start applying the tips and tools I learnt from this course. Thank you, Iman”

“Very helpful, learned how to promote Dubai in a very professional manner. I very much enjoyed the networking session and learning about doing business abroad”

“The program helped us in promoting Dubai in a very different way”

“Informative, passionate, knowledgeable and engaging”

“Should be mandatory to every employee at every level to attend this course. Very useful information and it will definitely help me with my job”

“Stimulating and thought provoking”

Dubai Tourism

Life networking with a high profile business group. The learners applied the business networking protocol, techniques and tools. The event took place during the course.

Dubai Tourism

Subject: Strategic Change Management

“The content is highly professional. The lecturer is well experienced in strategic change and change management. It is a perfect course, we learnt a lot through the various workshops and the open questions and answers sessions. She answered to all my questions, and she is very attentive to our specific needs”

“A first degree, excellent lecturer”

“A magnificent way of transferring knowledge and passing the information”

“One of the most interesting lecturers I had courses with, she is is highly capable. I thank her from my heart and wish to have more courses with her”

“Excellent course. The instructor paid equal attention to everyone and answered to all our questions without hesitation”

“Clear objectives and content, lot of new learning and ideas that are applicable to my work. A new approach to strategic change management. The theories and examples were  very relevant to our work”

“The Instructor is an expert in strategic change management. She has vast knowledge of the topic”

“The Instructor’s knowledge is key to our business”

“We need more courses with the instructor to benefit from her vast experience and knowledge”

Al Ain City, Municipality


Al Ain City Municipality

Building Strategic and Sustainable Relationships

“The instructor is highly qualified with great knowledge and experience in the subject and was able to bring many cases and examples that helped us in applying the scientific theories into the practical workplace.

The Instructor used various teaching methods and techniques to facilitate the information using the logical sequence of the objectives of the course”

Main Head, International Trade Exhibitions, Abu Dhabi Chamber


Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce and Industry

Measuring and Managing Government Performance

“I would like to thank you for your great consultative intervention that really reflected your knowledge, skills, & experience. We all benefited from this great experience, it will help us in our organization. I liked the contribution of all colleagues, as each of us demonstrated their role in different UAE government organization that opens the door for future collaboration.

The time spent during these days was great and again thank you. I hope to see you in future collaborations. As I told you I will tell my team about you and hopefully will work with you again in the near future.”

ADWEA, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority

Government Performance Management (GPM)

“The Consultant demonstrated expert knowledge of the subject. It was thorough & practical. The things we learned during her work with us can be applied to improve work in our performance management department.”

“She is very professional and able to deliver the information and make it strategic, she is very open for questions and ready to explain.”

“For a government entity, she brought in all government-related issues that can add value to our work. I say all government entities in UAE must invite Iman and take her advice into consideration. She is able to tailor a solution that is specific while having it broad in its nature.”

“Working with her was never boring. As a performance management specialist, she touched the core of my work and I can apply what I learned immediately”.

General Secretariat of the Executive Council, Abu Dhabi, UAE

General Secretariat of the Executive Council, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Al Faisal University, Riyadh, KSA

International Business Etiquette and Protocol

“The instructor has the knowledge to cover the subject clearly & proactively”

“The instructor is well educated and has a strong presence. She delivers the message with clear examples related to real life in the Middle East, setting up life examples from different countries and areas. She answered our questions and examples from our life. We enjoyed the articles, videos, photos and the competition. The course covered different areas in the job protocol from starting a conversation, behavior, presence and so on. Throughout the course, I’ve gained enough knowledge and tips that are necessary for my life and my job.”

“Good material, well presented with very good discussions (very interactive) along with the good knowledge presented to us on many levels. She answered all our questions with good examples and real to life practical demonstration. Thank you for the great course, I’m sure I will apply it in my life.”

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)

Business Ethics

We found the instructor very knowledgeable in the theory and explicit in demonstrating life examples. No doubt she acquires an extraordinary ability to transfer her knowledge to the team working with her. The story telling method she followed to explain a point was attention capturing.

Most importantly, her passion on the subject is remarkable. For her, ethics in business is a way of living and doing business on daily basis.

Faisal Kaballo, QAFAC, Qatar

Qatar Fuel Additives Company Limited (QAFAC)

Business Ethics

Thank you very much for the very useful course. It was really WOW and I’ll start implementing most of it. Your work and efforts are HIGHLY appreciated.

Head of HR Department, Supreme Petroleum Council, Abu Dhabi

Supreme Petroleum Council, Abu Dhabi

Effective Change Management

The pleasure is mine to be trained by such an amazing and professional instructor. Also, it was nice to meet our colleagues whom we didn’t see in quite of time.

Speaking of myself, I learned a lot from this course and as well from my previous course with you “Group Decision Making Strategies for Leaders“. I wish to meet with you in other training courses, as it is joyful and informative. 

Manager Consumer Sales, Etisalat, UAE


Annual Marketing Forum 2015, Dubai


“It was a great Forum, what a load of inspiring ideas! The feedback forms received from all participants were all positive! The Forum was a big success thanks for all the valuable information delivered, and the amazing job designing and facilitating this event!

Operations Manager, Middle East and Africa Duty-Free Association


“I have attended a lot of marketing forums and would rate this marketing forum as one of the best I have been to. The forum really helped expand my knowledge in the travel retail industry. At first, the director was a little bit frightening to me, then I realized that she is a mentor that I can never forget.”

Marketing & Communications Manager, Al Musbah KSA Duty-Free Shops.


“My special thanks and appreciation for such an informative forum, sharing all valuable experiences and learning new marketing concepts and ideas and the efforts for expanding our knowledge in this field.”

Marketing Manager, Morocco Duty-Free Shop

Middle East & Africa Duty Free Association (MAEDFA)

Public Sector Leadership & Strategic Planning

Participants: Deans of Higher Colleges & General Managers of Various Colleges in Libya

Great thanks for the amazing facilitation of the learning and guiding the team to develop vision, mission, values and strategic goals and initiatives for the National Board of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Libya. While the group worked together, the Director brought discussions together, summarizing major findings.

The Director has a positive, assertive and energetic approach. Her own input is systematic and thorough, she is constantly on her feet, and delivers content at a rapid pace. Equally, she is sensitive to individual participant’s questions, listens very well, and is happy to engage in debate whenever appropriate. It is clear, members of the National Board of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Libya have the greatest respect for her experience and expertise, and she, in turn, has established an excellent rapport with the group in a relatively short time. She uses positive feedback regularly, recognizing individual member’s contributions to the entire project.

I can say, it was for Laurel & Tercel to make our mission with the Government in Libya so successful. Both the British Council in Libya and the MOHE are greatly appreciative for their intervention. The project was closed on high positive notes from all parties.

Phil, ILM Project Consultant , 26 September 2012

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Libya