Course Ref Small & Medium EnterprisesDuration
in Days
LT-SME001 The Challenge of Entrepreneurship 3
Building the Business Plan
LT-SME002 Strategic Management For SMEs 5
LT-SME003 Forms Of Ownership 3
LT-SME004 Franchising And Entrepreneurship 5
LT-SME005 Buying An Existing Business 3
Marketing And Financial Considerations
LT-SME006 Creating The Marketing Plan 5
LT-SME007 Creating The Financial Plan 5
LT-SME008 Managing Cash Flow 3
LT-SME009 The Comprehensive Business Plan 5
Building the Competitive Edge
LT-SME010 Pricing For Profit 3
LT-SME011 Advertising And Promotions 5
LT-SME012 International Opportunities For SMEs 3
Sources of Funds
LT-SME013 Sources Of Equity Financing 3
LT-SME014 Sources Of Debt Financing 3
Location And Layout Key Criteria
LT-SME015 The Location Question 3
LT-SME016 Layout And Physical Facilities 3
Inventory For SMEs
LT-SME017 Purchasing, Quality Control And Vendor Analysis 5
LT-SME018 Inventory And Just-in-Time Techniques 5
Enhancing Profitability
LT-SME019 Controlling Crime 3
LT-SME020 Technology 3
LT-SME021 Risk Management 5
LT-SME022 Strategies For Family Business 5
Human Resources Management
LT-SME023 Human Resources Management Strategies for SME 5
LT-SME024 Job Analysis & Job Descriptions and Recruitment 5
LT-SME025 HRM Budget Planning 5
LT-SME026 Human Resources Training & Development 5
Legal Aspects
LT-SME027 Law And Governance 3
LT-SME028 SME Audit 3

All courses are produced in 3 levels: Beginner, Advanced and Proficient, and delivered in English or Arabic.
جميع الدورات تصدر في ثلاث مستويات: المبتدؤون، الإدارة المتوسطة، الإدارة العليا، وتقدم باللغتين العربية أو الإنكليزية
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