Pre, During and Post Learning Assessments

Pre Learning:

  • Series of questions to identify the main learning needs and learning styles of the participants.

Pre and Post Learning Assessment:

  • Written short questions and answers with points system evaluating the knowledge gained during the course.

During The Session:

  • Evaluation of learners’ level and quality of participation, and ability to learn and respond during the course.

Post Learning Assessment:

  • Written work-related project assignment with marks system evaluating the ability to apply knowledge gained during the session to real work.
  • Written long questions and answers with marks system evaluating the thinking and using of knowledge gained during the session.

Post Learning Evaluation Reports:

  • Learner’s satisfaction report to measure their learning experience with the instructor, the material and general environment.
  • Instructor’s evaluation report to measure each learner’s level of participation, ability to learn and understand the subject with a recommendation for future continuous learning courses.
  • Instructors’ satisfaction report to address their experience during the event with a suggestion for further improvement.

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List Of Courses For The Public Sector

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