Is your organization ready for 2020, 2030, 2050 & 2100?


Imagine you are running your current organization in 2030. What do you wish you had thought of? How the world will be different in the future and how the changes will affect your organization?

The best companies are preparing for the future now. To see how ready your organization is for the future, Laurel & Tercel has prepared an assessment model that will test the capability of your organization and its resilience in the face of the rapid changes of the environment it operates in, the global changes and its effect on local economies and your organization, identify the gaps and help you design a plan to bridge that gap.

In a dynamic environment, such as the rapidly changing landscape, firms must develop a process of continual transformation to succeed in the long term, compete effectively and outperform the rivals. Appropriate actions not only allow a firm to survive in the long run but also describe how it can develop powerful competencies to create sustainable competitive advantages and earn superior profits.

2030 … Who the winners and losers will be?