Laurel & Tercel business management courses have attracted thousands of leaders and managers from a vast range of public sector industries. For our learners, the rich content of our courses and the deep hands-on experience of course directors who deliver the courses are key features that enrich their learning experience. 

All courses are delivered in English or Arabic.

Course Ref. Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility
LT-CSR001 Corporate Ethics, Governance & Social Responsibility
LT-CSR002 The Social Entrepreneurship
LT-CSR003 Business Strategies Based On Sustainability To Ensure Profits
LT-CSR004 Building Sustainable Strategic Business Relationships
Course Ref. Strategic Management
LT-M001 Company’s Vision, Mission & Values
LT-M002 Strategic Planning & Management
LT-M003 Contingent Strategies & Structures
LT-M004 Principles Of Management & Organizations
LT-M005 Risk Analysis & Management
LT-M006 Effective Change Management
LT-M007 Situational Analysis & Decision Making
LT-M008 Strategic HR Management
LT-M009 Business Performance Management
LT-M010 Resources Analysis & Allocation For Service Centres
LT-M011 Business Awareness & General Management
LT-M012 Strategic Planning & Balanced Scorecard
LT-M013 Setting Strategic Goals
LT-M014 Organization Behaviour & Culture
LT-M015 Optimizing Resources For Greater Outcome
LT-M016 Strategic Thinking
LT-M017 Management Skills & Techniques For Engineers
LT-M018 Business Ethics: New Principles In Leading Businesses
LT-M019 Managing Projects
LT-M020 Crisis Management
Course Ref. Quality Management
LT-Q001 Quality Assurance vs Quality Control
LT-Q002 Six Sigma and Lean Management
Course Ref. Human Resources Management
LT-HR001 Strategic HR Management
LT-HR002 Business Ethics: New Principles In Leading Businesses
LT-HR003 HRM As Strategic Business Partner (HRBP)
LT-HR004 Interviewing & Selection Of Employees
LT-HR005 HR Planning: Staffing The Organization
LT-HR006 HR Learning & Development Planning
LT-HR007 Organizational Codes Of Ethics, Values & Conduct
LT-HR008 Train The Trainer
Course Ref. Leadership Skills
LT-L001 The Future Leaders & Strategic Thinking
LT-L002 Emotional Intelligence & Leadership
LT-L003 Leading & Motivating Teams Effectively
LT-L004 Developing & Leading High-Performance Teams
LT-L005 Contingent Leadership
LT-L006 Ethical Leadership
LT-L007 Group Decision Making Strategies For Leaders
LT-L008 Continuous Improvement Leadership
LT-L009 Leaders Empowering Frontline Employees
LT-L010 The Future Leaders & Strategic Thinking
LT-L011 Building & Leading An Effective Team
LT-L012 Leadership Motivation
LT-L013 Leadership Skills: Success Through Teamwork
LT-L014 Creative Skills For Innovative Leaders
Course Ref. Interpersonal Skills
LT-PD001 International Business Etiquette & Protocol
LT-PD002 The Great Interpersonal Skills
LT-PD003 Advanced Negotiation Skills
LT-PD004 Achieving Objectives Through Time Management
LT-PD005 Planning Work Efficiently
LT-PD006 Managing Conflicts At The Workplace
LT-PD007 Communicating With Empathy
LT-PD008 Professional Business Writing
LT-PD009 Dealing With Others At Work
LT-PD010 Advanced Communication Skills
LT-PD011 Managing Stress At Work
LT-PD012 Emotional Intelligence Strategies For Success
LT-PD013 Communicating With Empathy
LT-PD014 Explore Your Power
LT-PD015 Get Organized At Work
LT-PD016 How To Make People Like You
LT-PD017 Presentation Skills To Influence Decision Makers
LT-PD018 Working Within The Culture Of Your Organization
LT-PD019 How To Write & Present Reports
LT-PD020 Planning Your Career
LT-PD021 Analytical Thinking & Attention To Details
LT-PD022 Importance Of Cultural Awareness In The Workplace
Course Ref. Sales & Marketing
LT-SM001 Strategic Marketing
LT-SM002 Market Research & Consumers’ Needs Forecasting
LT-SM003 Marketing Planning & Budgeting
LT-SM004 Return On Investment In Marketing
LT-SM005 Category Sales Growth Within The Retail Markets
LT-SM006 Customer Focused Marketing
LT-SM007 Customer Relationship Management
LT-SM008 Managing Strategic Accounts: Distribution & Retail
LT-SM009 Managing Customers’ Needs
LT-SM010 Fundamentals Of Retail Business
LT-SM011 Working According To The Sales Concept Of Your Organization
LT-SM012 Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies
Course Ref. Customer Care
LT-CS001 Mind Mapping: Inside The Customer’s Mind
LT-CS002 Handling Customer Complaints Effectively
LT-CS003 Telephone Skills In The Service Business
LT-CS004 Excellence In Customer Service
Course Ref. Banks & Financial Institutions
LT-BFI001 Marketing Planning & Budgeting For Banks
LT-BFI002 Customer Service Excellence For Banks
LT-BFI003 Performance Management For Banks
LT-BFI004 Customer Relationship Management For Banks
LT-BFI005 Government Relationship Management (GRM) For Banks
Course Ref. Healthcare Institutions
LT-HC001 Medical Office Telephone Skills
LT-HC002 Teamwork In The Healthcare Sector
LT-HC003 Communicating With Empathy For Healthcare Employees
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