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Course Ref.Course Title
LT-GM001L&T Measuring & Managing Government Performance
LT-GM002L&T Strategic Planning For Government Organizations
LT-GM003L&T Situational Analysis & Public Issues Resolutions For Government Organizations
LT-GM004L&T Contingent Strategies For Government Organizations
LT-GM005L&T Ethics & Social Responsibility For Government Organizations
LT-GM006L&T Public Services Surveys And Research Studies For Government Organizations
LT-GM007L&T Strategic Thinking In Government Organizations
LT-GM008L&T HR as Business Partner in the Public Sector
LT-GM009L&T Balanced Scorecard for Government Organizations
LT-GM010L&T Managing Human Resources in the Public Sector
LT-GM011L&T Sustainable Strategic Business Relationships in the Public Sector
LT-GM012L&T The Public Private Partnership (PPP)
LT-GM013L&T National Development Budgeting 
LT-GM014L&T National Development Planning
LT-GM015L&T Research and Analysis Methodologies for the Public Sector
LT-GM016L&T Sectorial Development Planning
LT-GM017L&T Public Sector Stakeholders Facilitation & Engagement
LT-GM018L&T Continuous Improvement Within Public Organizations
LT-GM019L&T Improving Processes For Higher Efficiency in Government Organizations
LT-GM020L&T Work Flow Processes & Quality Waves For Government Services
LT-GM021L&T Government Resources Optimization For Greater Public Value
LT-GM022L&T Resources Analysis & Allocation for Public Service Centers
LT-GM023L&T Citizen-centric Public Management
LT-GM024L&T Governance, Risk Management and Compliance For Public-Sector Organizations
LT-GM025L&T Public Service Integrated Leadership System
LT-GM026L&T Improving Public Sector Performance on a Tight Budget
LT-GM027L&T Citizen Centric Government
LT-GM028L&T Knowledge Management in The Public Sector
LT-GM029L&T Business Awareness in The Public Sector
LT-GM030L&T The Public Sector Continuous Improvement
LT-GM031L&T Empowering Frontline Public Sector Employees 
LT-GM032L&T Persuasive Oral Communication For the Public Servant
LT-GM033L&T Resource Optimization for Public Sector Results
LT-GM034L&T Situational Analysis and Problem Solving In The Public Sector
LT-GM035L&T The Specialist Knowledge in The Public Services
LT-GM036L&T Excellence in The Public Services
LT-GM037L&T Government Banking Relationship
LT-GM038L&T Innovation in the Public Sector
LT-GM039L&T The Public Leader – Leadership Skills For The Public Sector
LT-GM040L&T Managing Strategic Change In The Public Sector
LT-GM041L&T The Public-focused Services In Modern Governments
LT-GM042L&T Innovative Citizen Engagement Strategies
LT-GM043L&T HR Professional Learning and Development Planning in The Public Sector
LT-GM044L&T Public Sector Quality Improvement and Sustainability
LT-GM045L&T Toward a More Efficient Public Sector
LT-GM046L&T Managing Public Projects
LT-GM047L&T HRM Advanced Systems and Processes for The Public Sector
LT-GM048L&T Strategy and Balanced Scorecard for the Public Sector
All courses are designed and delivered in English or Arabic and produced in 3 levels: Beginner, Advanced and Proficient.

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