Life Balance Wheel 2020 by Laurel & Tercel

Developing a conceptual understanding of the experience of balance in everyday life, from an occupational perspective. The purpose of this coaching is to help you gain insights about balance in your everyday life.

Working with various people with stress‐related disorder revealed that people experience a continuum between imbalance and balance in everyday life. The themes that emerge are the image of occupational self, strategies to manage and control everyday life, occupational repertoire, and occupational experience. Balance in everyday life is achieved through a dynamic interaction between these themes as respecting your own values, needs, and resources; having strategies to manage and control everyday life; having a harmonious occupational repertoire; and engaging in personally meaningful occupation. Engagement in personally meaningful occupation appears to be a mechanism that enables you to achieve balance in everyday life by enabling you to develop a successful occupational self‐image, manageability, control, and a harmonious occupational repertoire. Well‐being seems to be the outcome of balance in everyday life, and lack of balance is experienced as overload.

Start a new life with strategies that shall change your life forever

The Method we use is a descriptive cross-sectional spreadsheet designed to help you track and adjust your activity patterns in daily, weekly and monthly schedule which will teach you the differences in category scores and the reasons behind it. By realizing those differences you will learn how to grow and develop the various aspects of your multi dimensional aspects of your life leading to a well balanced emotional, physical, mental and social balance.

It is a journey we guide you through using well designed tools that you take with you to continue to use for as long as you need or might take you to develop the habit of building a balanced life for yourself and the people connected to you.

It is a beautiful discovery we go through together while having fun in developing each element that feeds into the 4 main dimensions of your balanced life.

This is a one to one coaching program respecting the individuality of the each coached person.

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