Course ReferenceCourse TitleDays
LT-LS001The Future Leaders & Strategic Thinking5
LT-LS002Emotional Intelligence & Leadership3
LT-LS003Leading & Motivating Teams Effectively3
LT-LS004Developing & Leading High-Performance Teams3
LT-LS005Contingent Leadership4
LT-LS006Ethical Leaders3
LT-LS007Group Decision Making Strategies For Leaders5
LT-LS008Continuous Improvement Leadership3
LT-LS009Leaders Empowering Frontline Employees3
LT-LS010Building & Leading An Effective Team3
LT-LS011Leadership Motivation3
LT-LS012Leadership Skills: Success Through Teamwork3
LT-LS013Creative Skills For Leaders3
LT-LS014Managing Conflicts At The Workplace3
LT-LS015Leadership in Action3
LT-LS016The Various Types of Leaders3
LT-LS017Motivating Your Team3
LT-LS018Women’s Leadership Development3
LT-LS019Effective Supervisory Skills3
LT-LS020Mentoring & Coaching Your Team3
LT-LS021Planning & Developing Work Teams3
LT-LS022SPARK – Leadership Excellence Program5
LT-LS023Business Awareness & General Management For Leaders5
LT-LS024Six Thinking Hats3
LT-LS025The Future Leader4
LT – LS026Developing the self-confidence to become a leader (new 2020)3
Leadership/Career Development
LT – LS027Reverse mentoring (new 2020)
LT – LS028Developing allies (new 2020)
LT – LS029Gaining respect and recognition based on talent (new 2020)
LT – LS030Building a strong network (new 2020)
All courses are produced in 3 levels: Beginner, Advanced and Proficient, and delivered in English or Arabic.
جميع الدورات تصدر في ثلاث مستويات: المبتدؤون، الإدارة المتوسطة، الإدارة العليا، وتقدم باللغتين العربية أو الإنكليزية
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