Course ReferenceCourse TitleDays
LT-IP001International Business Etiquette & Protocol5
LT-IP002The Great Interpersonal Skills5
LT-IP003Advanced Negotiation Skills5
LT-IP004Achieving Objectives Through Time Management3
LT-IP005Life Strategies For Personal & Professional Success5
LT-IP006Building Self Confidence3
LT-IP007Dealing With Others At Work3
LT-IP008Managing Stress At Work3
LT-IP009Emotional Intelligence Strategies For Success3
LT-IP010Explore Your Power3
LT-IP011Efficient Planning & Organizing Your work 3
LT-IP012How To Make People Like You3
LT-IP013Working Within The Culture Of Your Organization3
LT-IP014Planning Your Career4
LT-IP015Analytical Thinking & Attention To Details3
LT-IP016Importance Of Cultural Awareness In The Workplace3
LT-IP017Time management3
Professional Development
LT – IP018Self-promotion and being your own champion (new 2020)3
LT – IP019How to face challenges and not identify as the victim (new 2020)3
LT – IP020Finding your passion (new 2020)3
LT – IP021Dealing with failure (new 2020)2
LT – IP022Managing your social media in a professional manner (new 2020)3
LT – IP023Advocating for your dream job (new 2020)3
Career Development
LT – IP024Business negotiation techniques including salary and promotion negotiation (new 2020)4
LT – IP025Managing your social media in a professional manner (new 2020)5
LT – IP026Dealing with a career plateau or mid-career crisis (new 2020)4
LT – IP027How to get promoted without a sponsor (new 2020)3
LT – IP028Single parenting with demanding jobs (new 2020)3
All courses are produced in 3 levels: Beginner, Advanced and Proficient, and delivered in English or Arabic.
جميع الدورات تصدر في ثلاث مستويات: المبتدؤون، الإدارة المتوسطة، الإدارة العليا، وتقدم باللغتين العربية أو الإنكليزية
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