Pre Learning

Series of questions to identify the main learning needs and learning styles of the participants.

Pre & Post Learning Assessment

Written short questions and answers to evaluate the learners’ level of knowledge of the subject of the course before and after the course.

While in The Session

Evaluation of learners’ level of knowledge, interaction, and their ability to learn and respond during the course.

Post Learning Assessment

  1. Written work-related assignment with marks system evaluating the ability to apply knowledge gained during the session to real work.
  2. Written long questions and answers with marks system evaluating the thinking and using of knowledge gained during the session.

Post Learning Evaluation Reports

  1. Learners’ satisfaction reports measuring their learning experience with the instructor, the learning material and the general environment.
  2. Instructors’ evaluation reports measuring each learner’s level of participation, ability to learn and understand the subject with a recommendation for future continuous learning courses.
  3. Instructor’s satisfaction report to address their experience during the event with a suggestion for further improvement.

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