Course ReferenceCourse TitleDays
LT-GRC001Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)5
LT-GRC002Governance in Internal Control5
LT-GRC003Corporate Governance To Avoid Financial Corruption5
LT-GRC004Corporate Governance & Institutional Development5
LT-GRC005Corporate Governance for IT systems5
LT-GRC006Governance Systems & Procedures5
LT-GRC007Governance To Improve Business Outcomes5
LT-GRC008Financial Governance & Implementation Mechanism5
LT-GRC009Corporate Governance For Joint Stock Companies5
LT-GRC010Governance Requirements For Quality Auditing5
LT-GRC011Corporate Governance Report5
LT-GRC012Corporate Governance & The Role Of Review Committees5
LT-GRC013Governance At The Board Of Executives5
LT-GRC014The Role & Responsibilities Of Secretary of The Board5
LT-GRC015Governance & Regulatory Rules5
LT-GRC016Finance, Risk Management & Corporate Governance5
LT-GRC017Risk Analysis & Management5
LT-GRC018Boards and executive positioning (new 2020)5
All courses are produced in 3 levels: Beginner, Advanced and Proficient, and delivered in English or Arabic.
جميع الدورات تصدر في ثلاث مستويات: المبتدؤون، الإدارة المتوسطة، الإدارة العليا، وتقدم باللغتين العربية أو الإنكليزية
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