Different Needs, Different Courses

Courses With Big Impact

Led by highly experienced educators who are capable of bringing leading practices and business theories, and addressing immediate global and local business challenges. Using practical tools and frameworks, Laurel & Tercel provides excellent learning experience in international business format tailored for the businesses operating in the Middle East and African markets.

Courses For Each Business Condition

Each course is designed to meet the specific needs of the specific organization. Laurel & Tercel helps  organizations and their people develop specific competencies to advance their management and leadership practices, overcome business challenges and achieve their business goals.

Courses Customized To The Learning Styles And Needs Of The People

The courses use rigorous concepts and unique learning-in-action methodologies, creating a dynamic learning experience with real-to-life case studies all delivered in the best form that attracts the learners themselves and motivates them to apply their new knowledge to their workplace.

List Of Courses For The Private Sector

List Of Courses For The Public Sector

For further inquiries and in-house courses please contact our Principal Consultant, Iman Ousseyran by email: ousseyran.i@laurelandtercel.com or phone: +971 50 5536895.