Learning and Development – R&D

From exploring how people learn, to measuring educational outcomes, broadening equitable learning and integrating technologies into teaching, Laurel & Tercel’s efforts have grown and evolved over the past 15 years to make learning as effective as possible for all businesses and all people.

Our courses:

  • Reflect our deep experience in corporate  learning for the public and private sectors.
  • Are the product of hundreds of hours of research and development.
  • Are designed to include the latest theories, tools and technologies followed by global leading organizations.
  • Are continuously updated to include the latest leading practices.
  • Are designed for 3 professional levels: Beginners, Mid Management, and Proficient.
  • Can be tailored to cover the specific needs of the organization and the variable learning styles of the learners.
  • Are delivered by professional leaders who own practical experience in the areas of public and private sectors.
  • Are delivered in English or Arabic (material and facilitation).

New courses:

  • We continuously research and design new courses, with new topics that address the new challenges in the private and public sector.
  • We accept inquiries for special courses, research them and design them based on the latest theories and best practices.

List Of Courses For The Private Sector

List Of Courses For The Public Sector

For further inquiries and in-house courses please contact our Principal Consultant, Iman Ousseyran by email: ousseyran.i@laurelandtercel.com or phone: +971 50 5536895.