Learning & Development For The Public Sector

Laurel & Tercel prides itself on being the first and only specialist provider of corporate learning for the public sector in the entire Middle East. Since 2004, hundreds of leaders and managers from various ministries and government agencies from the Middle East and Africa benefited from Laurel & Tercel courses. Our learners consider our courses and lecturers’ experience as key in advancing their knowledge in the area of new public management.


Innovate – Strategize – Optimize – Lead – Advance Processes – Excel In Customer Services – Manage Performance

Mastering the New Public Management (NPM) is key to deliver high value services to the public with Laurel & Tercel unique NPM courses are designed:

  • Specifically for the public sector – Unlike the generic courses that are designed for the private sector and taught to the people from the public sector.
  • With the New Public Management standards, tools and theories.
  • With all international public management principles, rules and mandates set by the United Nations, The World Bank, OECD, IMF, G20 and other international organizations. 
  • With the latest theories and leading practices used by leading governments in the world (USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Germany, Australia, other…) tailored to suit each and every local government in the Middle East and Africa. 
  • With the specificity of each government in the Middle East and Africa by understanding their political, social, economical and environmental vision, objectives, challenges, plans, issues and needs.
  • To help the public organizations improve the value of their public services by advancing innovation, long-term planning, resources optimization and performance management skills. 
  • With real-to-life case studies addressing practical challenges facing the local governments in their internationally diverse settings.

List Of Courses For The Public Sector

For further inquiries and in-house courses please contact our Principal Consultant, Iman Ousseyran by email: ousseyran.i@laurelandtercel.com or phone: +971 50 5536895.