Innovative banking activities are new avenues to increase business and capture new markets such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Wholesale and Retail Banking, SME Banking, Universal and Narrow Banking, Offshore and Multinational Banking.

Skills development has been identified as a key requirement for economic growth worldwide. Laurel & Tercel Banking Sector Education and Training is an enabler of transformation in the broader banking and microfinance sector through skills development, creating a brighter future for banks’ employees, enabling change and continuous professional development.

Amongst other things, Laurel & Tercel makes provision for skills development through the establishment of sector-specific education and training courses:

Course ReferenceCourse TitleDays
LT-BFI001Alternative Assets5
LT-BFI002Anti-Money Laundry 5
LT-BFI003Asset & Liabilities Management5
LT-BFI004Corporate Banking5
LT-BFI005Credit & Corporate Banking5
LT-BFI006Credit Risk Analysis5
LT-BFI007Customer Relationship Management For Banks5
LT-BFI008Customer Service Excellence For Banks5
LT-BFI010Economic Trends & Bank Services Planning5
LT-BFI011Evaluate the risk of Documentary Credits to reduce the likelihood of fraud5
LT-BFI012 Financial Planning5
LT-BFI013Financial Risk Management5
LT-BFI014Fraud Risk Awareness5
LT-BFI015Global Financial Compliance5
LT-BFI016Governance for Brokerage Companies in Securities5
LT-BFI017Governance, Risk, Compliance & Internal Controls in the banking sector5
 LT-BFI018 Government Relationship Management (GRM) For Banks©5
LT-BFI019Hedge Fund5
LT-BFI020Insolvency & Bankruptcy5
LT-BFI021Introduction to Securities & investment5
LT-BFI022Investment & Portfolio Management5
LT-BFI023Investment Banking5
LT-BFI024Investment Risk Management5
LT-BFI025Loan Documentation 5
LT-BFI026Marketing Planning & Budgeting For Banks5
LT-BFI027Money Market & Capital Market 5
LT-BFI028Operational Risk5
LT-BFI029Performance Management For Banks5
LT-BFI030Portfolio Management5
LT-BFI031Private Banking5
LT-BFI032Retail Banking5
LT-BFI033Risk in Financial Services5
LT-BFI034Sanctions & Global Markets5
LT-BFI036Securities Financing5
LT-BFI037Smart Credit Policy 5
LT-BFI038SME Banking & Financing5
LT-BFI039Sovereign Wealth Funds5
LT-BFI040The role of investor relations officer5
LT-BFI041Transaction Banking5
LT-BFI042Wealth Management5
Course RefIslamic Banking Courses5
LT-IB001Human Resource Specialist In Islamic Banking5
LT-IB002Introduction To Islamic Banking5
LT-IB003Islamic Banking5
LT-IB004Islamic Banking Based On AAOIFL5
LT-IB005Islamic Equity & Investment Products5
LT-IB006Islamic Finance5
LT-IB007Risk & Compliance Management In Islamic Banking5
LT-IB008SHARI‘A Auditing 5
LT-IB009SHARI`A Accounting Standards According to AAOIFI & Central Bank5
LT-IB010Islamic Sukuk5
All courses are produced in 3 levels: Beginner, Advanced and Proficient, and delivered in English or Arabic.
جميع الدورات تصدر في ثلاث مستويات: المبتدؤون، الإدارة المتوسطة، الإدارة العليا، وتقدم باللغتين العربية أو الإنكليزية
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