Our Code of Ethics is our guiding principle in everything we do and those are:

  • Protect the public interests at all times.
  • Professionalism in every aspect of the work.
  • Confidentiality of our clients’ information.
  • Transparency in dealing with our clients and all relevant parties.
  • High integrity in our services and the relationship we build with all stakeholders.
  • Diversity in dealing with the people, the businesses and the international community.

Abiding by the International Code of Professional Conduct, The International Definitions within the profession of Business Consulting and the International Common Body of Knowledge, our Code of Conduct stipulates:

  • High standard of services at all times.
  • Independence, objectivity, and integrity in everything said or done.
  • High responsibility to the profession.
  • Commitment to transfer knowledge and expertise to the internal teams of our clients’ organizations.
  • Commitment to self-growth and development, benchmarking performance with industry standards.
  • Commitment to offering professional advice to all clients at all times.